Nicholas Dance Studio

Fayard’s granddaughter, Cathie Nicholas, is continuing the Nicholas Brothers’ legacy by teaching their choreography and offering dance & tap history classes around the world. 

"Nicholas Dance Studio offers dance, fitness classes, rehearsal space, and community programming open to artists and dance enthusiasts of ages 2-92.

We welcome people of all levels to have fun and learn dance techniques in our classes, which include Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, High Energy Cardio, Trap Yoga, and Tiny Tappers.

Our nightly Adult dance and fitness classes are open to every adult wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, fit back into that  pair of jeans, or just get away from the house to sweat it out for a girls (or guys) night out.

It is our mission to share a love of the arts and invite you to explore movement in a judgement free zone. 

We look forward to dancing with you soon!"

For in person or virtual classes and talks about the history of this era, please contact us!

- Cathie Nicholas